Tsaani Alaskan malamutes - Welcome

Cahppes Tikchik Of Chikuminuk

Yara is newest member of our pack, import from Sweden. Name Yara means mermaid, siren in Brazilian mythology and we think that name suits her well, in many ways actually.

Yara's parents are C.I.B Nord UCH NOW-09 NordJW-07 Cahppes Chikuminuk "Nokke" and Amuloga's First Choice "Thea". Both parents have healthy eyes, A-hips, 0/0-elbows and free of Polyneuropathy gene. Both have done Swedish working tests, Nokke has multiple DP60 1.prizes and also 100+ km test 1.prize. Thea has approved DP60 and also 100+ km test 1st prize. Pedigree is familiar to us from father's side (Nokke is our Yaykaas' dad too), but mom, Thea's side is new and very interesting to us.

Yara is very happy, super-social and speedy, little girl, who reminds us much about Yona when she was puppy. Once again, only future will tell, what it brings us with this girl.