Tsaani Alaskan malamutes - Welcome


No puppy plans at this moment

If you are interested in about our puppies, please send enquiries by e-mail.

Alaskan malamute's breed standard starts with words: The Alaskan Malamute, one of the oldest Arctic sled dogs... I will do my best to cherish these original working abilities and using parents with working results in my breeding when possible. My goal is to breed healthy, sound and typical malamutes with good structure, temperament and working abilities, for both use and show. I use only health checked malamutes, which eyes are free from abnormalities, and their hips and elbows are healthy (A or B). Malamute isn't right breed for everyone and I'm encouraging to find out the special characteristics of this awesome breed. All litter plans are made carefully to produce quality, not quantity. If I have puppy plans, I'm also ready to take puppy for myself from that litter.

We wish, that all our future puppy owners understands significance of healt checks, even though every individual aren't used for breeding. Breed quality dog's own and also her/his littermates health results are one thing, which helps us to preserve and maintain breed's health. I hope, that all puppies bred by Tsaani kennel are officially health checked, at least of their eyes and hips, but also elbows and back would be nice.

We hope, that my kennel's offspring are taken to dog shows, at least couple times. Shows are good place to get evaluation of dog's structure and also temperament. You get written judgement of you dog and it will be compared to other malamutes. Even couple times in dog shows with different judges gives decent picture of dog's outlooks. Of course you can take your dog to shows also more regularly.

Our puppies are sold only to active homes, not for apartment building. Malamute wants to participate everything. We are doing many kinds of activities with our own mals, and you can see how they enjoy to participate. Pulling activities are fun and you can do it also with one dog; you can go skiing, use them to pull pulka, kick-bike or bike. You can also practise weight pulling. Hiking can be also nice hobby, malamute can carry belongings in doggy bags.

We hope to meet all puppy buyers personly before purchase/selling decision, so we can make sure, that malamute is right breed for you. I'll do my best to find just the right, loving forever home for every puppy. Malamute's expected age is quite high and you should never take a puppy impulsively.

Our puppies will leave to their new homes at the age of 8 weeks old. They are registered to FCI-register, they have been checked by the veterinarian and they are microchipped. Buyer gets puppy info package with covering feeding, health and puppy training instructions. Package includes also their pedigree, info about different activies and malamute's breed standard. Puppy will get also food package of dog food they've been eating at breeder's home.

We hope that we can follow up puppies life in their new homes. You can contact us any time, you can ask questions and we'll try to help out in every situation. It would be very nice to be part of every sad and happy moments also.

If these things aren't problem for you, you are most welcome to visit us and meet our malamutes.