Tsaani Alaskan malamutes - Welcome

Something behind the kennel name...

Our 4 membered family lives at South-Carelia, small village called Ylämaa. Nearest city is Lappeenranta, about 30 km away from our home. I have a husband Pekka and two boys, Jere and Tony.

Our family is quite active and that is one reason, why malamute is right breed for our family.

I am member of Finnish Alaskan malamute Club, Finnish Companion Dog Club, Arctic Sleddogs Club and also in Finnish Kennel Club. I have signed FKC's breeder commitment. My kennel name, Tsaani is FCI-registered since 2008, when I also accomplished breeder's basic course. Name Tsaani is old Athna Athabascan language and it means Gray bear. I have completed Test official-course for Alaskan malamutes official Weight pulling test and I have also Judge rights for same Test. I have also Official rights for pure breed sleddog's Race Test and Utility Test. I have been active in Finnish Alaskan malamute club, as a member and also chairman of Test- and race committee. I have also made club's membership magazine Alma, as a maker-up and chief editor. I have been board member in Alaskan Malamute Club for 3 years, of which 2 last years as a chairman of the Club. Now I'm team leader of Test- and race committee. I'm also active member of Arktiset Vetokoirat ry (Arctic sleddog club) and I'm their internet- ja pr-official.

My first dog was Finnish Lapphund Risku, which me and my sister bought in year 1993. Risku was agility dog and with my sister she made herself all the way to the Finnish national team qualifyings as a first Finnish Lapphund ever.

Malamutes as a breed we have been interested since 2004. After long consideration and getting to know the breed, we started to find appropriate breeder and litter for us. After few misfortunes we got Yepa from kennel Neatut year 2006. Yepa has fullfilled our hopes in every way, by being the malamute we hoped to have. Yepa has one litter in our kennel.

"Sorry to say", but you'll get addicted to malamutes! We started little by little dream about sledding buddy for Yepa. We talked with Yepa's breeder of having another malamute for so little age difference and when they thought that there was no obstacles, we started to wait suitable litter. We didn't want to change breeder and so we got another malamute from Neatut year 2007. This time it was a male, Hino.

Our third malamute was Yona, which we imported from kennel Cahppes from Sweden, year 2008. Yona is proved to be good working dog with good appearance and temperament. She has been really good leaddog in our team! Yona have had 2 litters in our kennel, 2011 and 2014.

Fourth malamute, Yaykaas came also from kennel Cahppes, in November 2009. We got really good worker with leader qualities, but he is too anti-social towards other males.

Yazhi is from our own litter, born 11.9.2010. Yazhi stayed at home, she is small but too feisty to be in our sled team, even though she is good worker otherwise.

Our sixth malamute, Kayitah is from our own breeding between Yona and Timi. Kayitah is born 15.11.2011 and he has been very good addition to our working team. Female puppy, Siida, from same litter was placed as a puppy, but she came back to our family in year 2015 and have been awesome, hard working wheel dog with her brother, Kayitah. Siida has one litter in our kennel, born in 2016.

Leevi came to our pack in autumn 2012. Leevi is from kennel Utamuutin and he is born 17.7.2012. Leevi is son of Yona's brother Talut and lovely Awa. Leevi is co-owned with his breeder, Sari. Leevi has been very good addition to our family and team too, one of our leaddogs. Leevi has one litter in Estonia (kennel Karusaare) and second litter should born in spring 2017.

From C'enyu-litter (Yona x Jyry), born 27.7.2014 we kept two puppies, Lassi and Vilkku. We had high hopes for these two to be good addition to our pack and to our team and so far they have been just perfect additions for our team!

During the year 2016 we got 3 more members to our pack: Yara from kennel Cahppes (born 5.3.2016), Weeko from kennel Karusaare (Leevi's daughter, born 19.6.2016) and Lemmy from Siida's litter with DJ (born 13.7.2016). We have also high hopes for these young stars!

Alaskan malamute's breed standard starts with words: The Alaskan Malamute, one of the oldest Arctic sled dogs... I will do my best to cherish these original working abilities and using parents with working results in my breeding when possible. My goal is to breed healthy, sound and typical malamutes with good structure, temperament and working abilities, for both use and show. I use only health checked malamutes, which eyes are free from abnormalities, and their hips and elbows are healthy (A or B). Malamute isn't right breed for everyone and I'm encouraging to find out the special characteristics of this awesome breed. All litter plans are made carefully to produce quality, not quantity. If I have puppy plans, I'm also ready to take puppy for myself from that litter. Puppies are sold only active homes.