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Karusaare Tsaanityttö KVK2

Weeko is our Leevi's offspring with estonian female Himma, born 19.6.2016 in Estonia, Karusaare-kennel. Her official name is Karusaare Tsaanityttö, and her calling name Weeko means Beautiful girl in sioux indian language - and she really is beautiful! n

Weeko's parens are Utamuutin Bob Younger KVK1 REK3 "Leevi" and EST JC EST CH Hellerkantri Himma "Himma". Both parents has healthy eyes, A-hips and 0/0 elbows, both are also polyneuropathy free. Himma and her earlier offsprings have been running in their owner's, Heinrich Lukk's team in mid-distance and long distance races, as Polardistans and Ukkohalla-Paljakka Ajot. Leevi is our team's leader and he has done Finnish Official Weight Pull -test for malamutes and has also sleddog race test result REK3 from Ruunaa Race MD-FinCH-race 2016. Weeko brings new blood to our team from her mother's side, which have linebreeding for older, kotzebue-type malamutes as Sendaishi. .

Weeko loves all people, she is very energetic and fast girl. She is quite reactive and many times she does before she thinks, but she also wants to please people. Weeko has already ran in lead with her dad Leevi, also in 8-team, but she is good in any place in team.

​ Official health results did bring some bad news, regarding Weeko's hips. They were C/C, which is basically closing her from breeding. Luckily there weren't any signs of osteoarthritis or any other defects.