Tsaani Alaskan malamutes - Welcome

Neatut Ila-Suwit

Skadi moved to live with us in summer 2019 from kennel Neatut. Skadi is living with us, but her breeding rights and ownership is still with her breeder, Anne. Ila-Suwit means Never Mind. Calling name Skadi comes from Norse Mythology and means goddes of winter, and mountains, but it also means shadow. Skadi is personification of strength, courage and endurance. Skadi is born 21.5.2019. ​

Skadi' s parents are Tiguaq's Pok Mike REK1 "Mike" and Neatut Ubuqtuq Netserk KVK3 REK1 "Noki". ​

Skadi seems to be very energetic, fast, happy and gentle puppy, who is very social too. We hope to get new addition to our team of her! At this point she has shown to be good worker in our team and she goes also in co-lead, even in bigger team. She is very easy going, as she is kind and calm, but she also is energetic when needed. In March 2022 she was in our 6-team in Kuusamo MD-triathlon race. She also participated in Ruunaa Race 2022 Fun class (1 x 33 km).

Skadi is DNA-tested for malamutes inherited diceases and she was clear in Cone Degeneration and Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia, in malamute Polyneuropathy she is healthy, but carries the PN gene. That won't affect her life in any way, but in possible breeding she should not be combined with another carrier, because together they can produce Polyneuropathy affected puppies. Skadi herself is normal coated, but carries 1 copy of Long coat gene, so if bred with another carrier, there might become long coated offspring in that litter. ​

Thank you Anne once again for trusting her to our family. Future will tell us more about this little girl!