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FI CH Tsaani Shida Tifmiruq KVK1 REK2

Siida was from our own breeding between Yona and Timi and she was born 15.11.2011. Siida's pedigree name is Tsaani Shida Tifmiruq, which means "My Friend Flies". She is named after her birth moment - Siida came to world flying and we needed to catch her in the air. She was only female in Yona's litter.

Siida had balanced structure, lovely head and she had lovely expression. Temperament was very happy, energetic, courageous and open. Siida came back home in spring 2015 and has been good addition to our team, by working side by side with her brother Kayitah or her son Lemmy in wheel position. Siida's first official Race working result came from Ruunaa Race 2016 in MD4-class. Distance was 3 x 32,5 km = 97,5 km and result was REK3. Siida has also ran Eastpoint Open 100 km (diminished in 75 km because trail condition) race in 6-dog class in Feb 2016. Siida has REK2-result from Kasari Sprint race and also KVK1-result from official Weight Pull Test.

We had to let her go because of spread mammary tumors. She slept away together with her brother, Kayitah. Miss you, Siida! <3