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Tsaani The Trooper

Lemmy is from our own breeding in second generation, Yona's daughter's Siida's son. His official name, Tsaani The Trooper comes from DJ-dad's music theme and his calling name Lemmy comes from Lemmy Kilmister (obviously).

Lemmy's parents are SE(POLAR)CH SE UCH SE V-10 SE VV-14 Silent Ridge Decoy Of Snow aka DJ and FI MVA Tsaani Shida Tifmiruq KVK1 REK3 aka Siida. Both parents has healthy eyes, hips and elbows, and both are also Polyneuropathy free. DJ has several working results from Sweden and he has also gained SE(POLAR) Champion-title for those results. We have followed DJ for years and when we got possibility to use him for breeding, we were so exited! DJ has been kennel Cahppes team leader for years and also still almost 10 years old, he could run in lead. Siida is our own breeding from Timi x Yona-litter, happy and open girl, who has also showed her working skills in our team. Because she can be little bit "windy" there, we hoped that DJ would bring more working ethic for these puppies. Unfortunately we got only one puppy, Lemmy.

Lemmy is very sweet and fast learner, but also as it runs in family - very energetic and playful. He has already showed huge potential in our team, and he is strong like an ox, already before 2 years age! Lemmy has very promising structure and when he matures, he will be very showy male. For our biggest frustration he has only one testicle down, so he isn't for breeding or shows.