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Tsaani Shida Naviktuq Tumi REK3

Kayitah wass from our own breeding between Yona and Timi and he was born 15.11.2011. Kayitah's pedigree name is Tsaani Shida Naviktuq Tumi, which means "My Friend Breaks Trail". His calling name Kayitah is known from apache stories and by one rendition it means wolf's heart.

Yona's litter was very even and energetic, so it was hard to choose the one, who stays at home. Finally we decided between two males and Kayitah was our choice. Unfortunately Kayitah had testicle disorder, only 1 testicle is down. There is no clear reason why, not in pedigree or Yona's pregnancy time.

Kayitah had balanced structure and he has lovely expression. His temperament wass very happy, energetic, courageous and open and like her mom, his tail won't stop wagging. Kayitah has shown to be very hard working, extremely strong addition to our team, whose abilities are best in wheel position.

In his first show in Lahti Puppyshow, in 5-7 months class he was 1. with Prize Of Honor and excellent written critique. Kayitah's first race was Kasari sprint race 3.2.2013. Our team got working result REK3, except Kayitah, who was 2 weeks too young to get result (15 months). Kayitah has now REK3-resuls from year 2016 Ruunaa Race (Finnish Championship Race in MD4-class), distance was 3 x 32,5 km = 97,5 km. Kayitah has also ran Eastpoint Open 100 km (diminished to 75 km because trail conditions) race in Feb 2016, in 6-dog team. At Finnish Malamute Club's annual Winter Meeting he participated in Weight Pull competition and was 2nd best male with result 455 kg, which was 12,47 times his own weight. In weight pull competition at Lieksa (year 2016) Kayitah did pull 625 kg, which was 18,3 x his own weight. In FWPA's Weight Pull competitions Kayitah has done really well, his personal best is 1119 kg, which is 30,67 times his own weight. With that result he was 5th in Finnish Championship competition 2017.

Kayitah was euthanized together with his sister Siida in March 2022, due weakening of his rear. We miss dearly our own "Schwarzenegger"! <3