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Tsaani Hey-litter

Tsaani Hey-litter has born 11.9.2010 and parents are Cahppes Trapped Under Ice "Yaykaas" and Neatut Ongomiark "Yepa". Litter is accidental litter and because parents don't fill PEVISA-regulations (Program fighting against inherited abnormalities and diseases) because Yepa's eye problems, they are registered to EJ-register (not for breeding). EJ-register is almost like FI-register, dog can participate to official dog shows, tests and races, but they cannot be used in breeding in any ways.

Litter had 5 puppies, 2 males and 3 females, all black and whites.

Yaykaas Yepa

FI CH Cahppes Trapped Under Ice REK2 KVK1

i: FI MVA SE MVA NO MVA PMJV-07 NOV-09 Cahppes Chikuminuk "Nokke"
e: Draga Od Mamuti Skály "Draga"
Own: Marja-Liisa Kiuru & Pekka Mertala

Hips: C/A
Elbows: 0/0
Eyes: Ok 10/2010
DNA Long coat gene: N/F (normal coat/carrier)

Working results: 1 x REK2, 1 x REK3, 1 x KVK1
Shows: FI CH (3 x CAC, 1 x Res-CAC),
Specialty 2010 baby-class best male puppy, Puppy Show Group-3.

FI CH Neatut Ongomiark REK2 KVK1

i: FIN MVA Mukluk Biwabuk "Roni"
e: Keikewabic's Nanabijou REK3
Own: Marja-Liisa Kiuru & Pekka Mertala

Hips: A/A
Elbows: 0/0
Eyes: HC

Working results: 3 x REK2, 4 x REK3, 4 x KVK1
Alma's Weight Pull competition 1. year 2009, best female and
total competition 2. year 2010.
Shows: FI CH (3 x CAC, 8 x res-CAC, 1 x cacib, 1 x res-cacib)


Tsaani Hey Illa "Illa"


Illa lives with Jone at Iisalmi.

Health: Eyes healthy (12/2011)

Tsaani Hey Tipviqut "Yupik"


Yupik lives at Sonkajärvi with Jokke, his sister Tika
and the rest of malamute pack.

Shows: 1 x BOB-puppy,
Specialty show 2011 Baby-class (5-7 mo) best male puppy,
Puppy competition class 2nd.
Specialty show 2013 Open Class EXC/2, CQ

Working results: 2 x REK1 (80 km), 1 x REK2 (97,5km), 1 x REK3, 4 x KVK1, Malamute Club's Weight pull champion 2014, 2015

Health: Eyes healthy (06/2012)


Tsaani Hey Uyaraut "Yazhi"


Yazhi stayed at home with us.

Shows: 2 x BOB-puppy,
Specialty Show 2011 Baby-class (5-7 mo) best female puppy,
Puppy competition class 2nd
Specialty Show 2013 Open Class EXC/3, CQ

Working results: 1 x REK3

Health: Eyes healthy (01/2012)

More about Yazhi from her own page, here.


Tsaani Hey Qilaq "Tika"


Tika lives at Sonkajärvi with Jokke, her brother Yupik and
the rest of the malamute pack.

Shows: 1 x Bob-puppy,

Working results: 2 x REK1 (80 km), 1 x REK2 (97,5 km), 2 x REK3, 3 x KVK1

Health: Eyes healthy (12/2011)

Tsaani Hey Kaskae "Kassu"


Kassu lives with his owners Timo and Ritva at Lohja.
Kassu has our Hino's sister Pinga as his friend.

Health: Eyes healthy (04/2012)
Hips: B/B, elbows: 0/0