Tsaani Alaskan malamutes - Welcome

Tsaani Kivliktuk Quvianuq

Fala stayed at home from our 5. litter (Vilkku x Folki). She is born 29.8.2018. Her official name, Tsaani Kivliktuk Quvianuq means Gray Bear's Sparkling Joy. Her calling name, Fala, means Crow in Choctaw- indian language.

Fala' s parents are Estonian male, Kuuksaare Folki and Tsaani C'enyu Uiyula, our own home bred Vilkku. There was 3 beautiful girls in that litter, of which our pick was Fala. Mostly because her beautiful appearance, but also her speed and her little bit spunky attitude.

Fala seems to be very energetic and sassy like her mom, but also very happy and social too. We hope to get strong, new generation worker to our team, maybe also leader, like her mom Vilkku and grandma Yona. At this point, when Fala is 3 years old, looks like that our hopes are coming true... she can be in lead of our 10-team with Leevi or mom Vilkku and she is happy to be there! In March 2022 was her first official race in our 6-team in Kuusamo MD-triathlon race. She also participated in Ruunaa Race 2022 Fun class (1 x 33 km).

:) Official health results have been done and Fala has A/A hips, 0/0 elbows, back is LTV3, eyes clear 10/2020. Fala is also DNA-tested for malamutes inherited diceases and she was clear in Polyneuropathy, Cone Degeneration and Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia. She is normal coated, but carries 1 copy of Long coat gene, so if bred with another carrier, there might become long coated offspring in that litter. ​