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Tsaani Shida-litter

Tsaani Shida-litter was born 15.11.2011 and it's parents are Quinault's Quiet Riot "Timi" and Cahppes Miss Qrendi "Yona". Shida means My Friend in Athna Athabascan language. Advanced thought about this litter was, that parents are accompaning each other: Timi's strong bones, strong teeth and pigment are concluding Yona's middle strong bones, smallish teeth and snow nose, whereas Yona's firm ears are balancing Timi's slightly soft ears. Temperaments in this litter are expected to be very energetic, open and smart with good working abilities.

Litter's pedigree is line up to Storm Kloud malamutes. Also Twila Baker's Quinault dogs are well presented. Timi's mom Kinky is one of the best females in Twila's team, who has been pulling sled over 18 000 miles. Sire of Yona's sire King, is multipurpose dog AM CH BIS BISS Wind's Fury Jacob Trailblazer WPD WPDX WWPD WWPDX TDI "Jacob", who has pulled weight over 2000 pound, gained working titles in sledding, back packing and his show career is also very well known.

Litter had 5 puppies, 4 males and 1 female. Unfortunately 3 of 4 males have testicle disorder, all three have only 1 testicle down. Otherwise itter is very even and puppies are very energetic. Future will tell more about this litter.

Timi Yona

C.I.B FI EE NO CH Quinault's Quiet Riot REK1 KVK1 WTD

sire: Stormswept's Icemagic O Strmkld "Mojo"
dam: CH Quinault's Twisted Sister WTDX, WLD "Kinky"
Owner: Anne Arvola, Marko Vesterinen, Anne Korhonen

Hips: A/A
Elbows: 0/0
Eyes: Ok 5/2011
Long coat gene: N/F (normal coat / carrier)

Working results: 2 x REK1, 3 x KVK1
Shows: Finnish, Estonia, Norway Champion, C.I.B
Specialty show 2010 BOB-puppy, 2011 Intermediate class winner

FI CH NordJW-09 Cahppes Miss Qrendi REK1 KVK1

sire: C.I.B CA AM CH Sno Quest's King Of Landwood "King"
dam: SE MVA Silent Ridge Bacardi-Breeze "Breeze"
Owner: Marja-Liisa Kiuru & Pekka Mertala

Hips: A/A
Elbows: 0/0
Eyes: Ok 6/2009, 5/2011
Long coat gene: N/N (normal coat / not carrier)

Working results: 1 x REK1, 2 x REK2, 2 x REK3, 2 x KVK1
Shows: Nordic Junior Winner-09, Finnish Champion,
Specialty show 2011 Working class winner


Tsaani Shida At Quinault "Suuri"

(Tsaani My Friend At Quinault)

Suuri lives at Colorado, USA with Timi's breeder,
Twila Baker.

Dna-test (long coat gene): N/N (normal coat, not carrier)
Only 1 testicle down.

Tsaani Shida Saffiruq "Voitto"

(Tsaani My Friend Is Strong)

Voitto lives with Harri at Kitee
with couple other malamutes.

Dna-test (long coat gene): N/F (normal coat, carrier)

Tsaani Shida Nuqitkaa KVK1 REK2"Kaapo"

(Tsaani My Friend Pulls It)

Kaapo lives with Rami and Minna and 3 other malamutes

Dna-test (long coat gene): N/N (normal coat, not carrier)
Only 1 testicle down. Neutered.
Eyes ok (4/2013), hips A/A, elbows 0/0

Shows: Puppy class 5-7 months BM-puppy 2 with Prize Of Honor
Working results: 2 x REK2, 1 x KVK1
Died: 24.1.2018 (euthanized, Spinal disease)

Tsaani Shida Naviktuq Tumi REK3 "Kayitah"

(Tsaani My Friend Breaks Trail)

Kayitah stays at home with us.

Dna-test (long coat gene): N/F (normal coat, carrier)
Eyes: Ok (3/2013)
Only 1 testicle down.

Working results: REK3 (MD4)
Died: 16.3.2022 (Age, euthanazed because rear problems and general fading)
More about Kayitah of his own page, here.


Tsaani Shida Tifmiruq KVK1 REK3"Siida"

(Tsaani My Friend Flies)

Dna-test (long coat gene): N/F (normal coat, carrier)
Eyes: Ok (3/2013)
Hips: A/A
Elbows: 0/0

Working results: KVK1, REK3 (MD4)
Died: 16.3.2022 (Euthanized, wide spread mammary tumors)
More about Siida of her own page, here.