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Upcoming litter Siida & DJ spring/summer 2016

Kennel Tsaani has planned exiting litter between Siida & DJ next spring / summer (2016). Siida has been mated with DJ 8.5.2016. Siida is pregnant, but according to an ultrasound (6.6), litter will be very small. 13.7.2016 was 1 male puppy born, he will stay at home. No puppies available.

Litter's 6-gen pedigree HERE (pdf).
Pedigree-database with photos: DJ x Siida .

DJ Siida

Silent Ridge Decoy Of Snow

sire: Silent Ridge Coldspeed Cody
dam: Silent Ridge Amchitka
Owner: Anci & Henrik Emanuelsson

Hips: B/B
Elbows: 0/0
Eyes: OK
Long coat gene: N/N (normal coat / not carrier)
Polyneuropathy gene: N/N (normal, not carrier)

Working results: Polarhundprov1, Polarhundtest A + D
Shows: Swedish Specialty Show winner 2010,
SPHK BIS-winner 2010, 2012, BOG-4, SE W-10, SE VW-14
More: Polardistand 160 km race (2009, 2011)

Tsaani Shida Tifmiruq KVK1 REK3

sire: C.I.B FI MVA NO MVA EE MVA Quinault's Quiet Riot KVK1 REK1
dam: FI MVA PMJV-09 Cahppes Miss Qrendi KVK1 REK1
Owner: Marja-Liisa Kiuru

Hips: A/A
Elbows: 0/0
Eyes: OK 12/2015, 3/2013
Long coat gene: N/F (normal coat / carrier)
Polyneuropathy gene: N/N (normal by parentage)

Working results: KVK1 REK3
Shows: Finnish Champion

I'm very happy to be able to use DJ in this upcoming litter plan and first I want to thank Anci and Henrik for you trust! I have liked DJ during the years and especially his energy, temperament and great movements are impressed me and Pekka big time. It is awesome to be able to use older male, who has been healthy whole his life and is still working in team leader at his age.


is almost 10 years old, healthy, working male with wonderful temperament from Sweden. DJ is energetic, happy and clow-like boy, still even this age.

DJ is working as a leader in his owner's team and he has true working motivation and ethic. DJ has done all Swedish sled dog tests; 2 x 30 km Polarhundprov 1, Polarhundtest D (100+ km) and 10 km A-test with pulka. He has also done Polardistance 160 km race twice, 2009 and 2011. DJ is working champion, SE (POLAR) CH.

DJ is average size. He has good structure, good proportions, good angulations, good paws, suitable bones, beautiful head and expression. Correct bite, full dentition. DJ has exeptional movements with drive and he has given them also to his earlier offspring. DJ has been dna-tested for coat lenght, result N/N (normal coat, non carrier).

DJ's eyes are checked clear from hereditary eye disease 2015, 2014, 2013, 2011 and 2007 (years 2013, 2014, 2015 with markings), also hips B/B = Good and elbows 0/0=healthy. DJ's polyneuropathy test was normal, not carrier.

From shows DJ has Swedish Champion title, Specialty Show BIS, SPHK (Svenska Polarhundklubben) BIS-wins and BOG-4. DJ has became SE CH under Nancy Russell (Storm Kloud), year 2009.


is very energetic and happy, She is open, social, happy and she LOVES all people and she is showing it by surrounding her paws around people's leg.

Siida loves speed, like her mom Yona! She spurts and actually flies when she is running loose - just for her own fun. Siida has also proven to be active and strong sled dog, who works best side by side her brother Kayitah in wheel position.

Siida has good structure; beautiful head, good front, good angulations, proportions and body strength. Correct bite. Middle strong bones. Siida has typical movements for the breed. Siida has been checked healthy of her eyes (2015, 2013) hips and elbows. Siida has also been dna-tested for long coat gene and she is N/F (normal coated, carrier of long coat gene). Siida's Polyneuropathy status is N/N (clear by parentage, as both Timi and Yona has been tested clear, not carriers).

Siida has passed Alaskan malamute's official weight pull test and has official weight pull result KVK1. Siida got official Race working result from Ruunaa Race 2016 in MD4-class. Distance was 3 x 32,5 km = 97,5 km and result was REK3. Siida has also ran Eastpoint Open 100 km (diminished in 75 km because trail condition) race in 6-dog class in Feb 2016.

In shows Siida has Finnish Champion-title.

Advance thought

I'm expecting litter to become happy, working and typey puppies with excellent temperaments for show and work. There can't become any long coated puppies to this litter. There also can't become polyneuropathy gene carriers or sick puppies.

Puppies are sold only active homes, not to apartment house. Our puppies will leave to their new homes at the age of 8 weeks old. They are registered to FCI-register, they have been checked by the veterinarian and they are microchipped. Buyer gets puppy info package with covering feeding, health and puppy training instructions. Package includes also their pedigree, info about different activies and malamute's breed standard. Puppy will get also food package of dog food they're been eating at breeder's home.

I hope that I can follow up puppies life in their new homes. You can contact me any time, you can ask me questions and I'll try to help out in every situation. It would be very nice to be part of happy moments also.

If these things aren't problem for you, you are most welcome to visit us and meet our malamutes.

DJ liike Siida liike
DJ pää Siida pää
DJ työ Siida työ
DJ valjakko Siida valjakko
DJ Siida
DJ istuu Siida istuu