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Litter Fala & Rowtag 2022


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Litter's pedigree combines Fala's grandmother Yona's lines from both sides. Pedigree includes also old Kotzebue-type malamute lines from both sides. This litter fulfill Finnish Alaskan malamute Club's breeding criteria.

Litter's pedigree in Finnish Dog Database: Rowtag-Fala
Pedigree with photos in Pedigree-database

Rowtag Fala

Cahppes Amazing Ace Archie REK2

s: SE UCH SE JW 12 Cahppes Powerful Ace "Ace"
d: SE UCH Cheya's Coming Home For Christmas "Chrissy"
Owner: Kennel Tsaani

Hips: A/A
Elbows: 0/0
Back: LTV0, SP0, VA0
Eyes: Ok 10/20202
Long coat gene: N/N (normal coat/non-carrier)
PN-gene: N/N (normal/non-carrier)
Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia: N/N (normal/non-carrier)

Shows: OPEN Class/Excellent
Working result: Kasari 2021 SP REK2, Kuusamo MD6 Triathlon 2022

Tsaani Kivliktuk Quvianuq

s: Kuuksaare Folki "Folki"
d: Tsaani C'enyu Uiyula KVK1 REK3 "Vilkku"
Owner: Kennel Tsaani

Hips: A/A
Elbows: 0/0
Back: LTV3
Eyes: Ok 10/2020
Long Coat gene: N/F (normal coat/carrier)
PN-gene: N/N (normal/non-carrier)
Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia: N/N (normal/non-carrier)

Shows: Open Class/Excellent
Working results: Kuusaamo MD6 Triathlon 2022

In advance

In advance we are expecting litter to become happy, working and typey puppies with excellent temperaments. There can't become any long coated puppies to this litter. There also can't become polyneuropathy gene carriers or sick puppies.

Fala is very lively, happy and fast female, which can run in any position in our team. She has already been in co-lead in 10-team with our Leevi, as soon as 1 year old. Fala has been living with her mom Vilkku whole her life and they are pretty much inseparable.Rowtag on the other hand is calm, playful and happy male, which have been our co-leader in last season and he has shown really good potential to be our next super leader. Both parents move very beautifully and powerfully, especially Rowtag's long and effective movement faschinates.

Fala's grandmother, Yona was our pack leader, our team leader from 8 months age and also our foundation female. We have owned 4 of her offspring from Yona's two different litters. Fala's mom Vilkku and her brother Lassi, and from Yona's first litter with Timi (Quinault's Quiet Riot) male Kayitah and female Siida. They all has shown their abilities in our team many, many times and they are all very energetic, open and happy in their temperament. Fala's mom's sister Malina is also been active in her owners team and is working really great in weight pulling. Rowtag's father, Ace was one of Cahppes best workers, before his injury. Before that he got working results Workingtest 100+ 1:st price, Beaver Trap Trail, DP 60. Rowtag's mom, Chrissy has also ran in Cahppes' team and been good team dog there, results Workingtest DP 60, price 1, 100+ 1:st price, Beaver Trap Trail.

Puppies are sold only active homes, not to apartment house. Our puppies will leave to their new homes at the age of 8 weeks old. They are registered to FCI-register, they have been checked by the veterinarian and they are microchipped. Buyer gets puppy info package with covering feeding, health and puppy training instructions. Package includes also their pedigree, info about different activies and malamute's breed standard. Puppy will get also food package of dog food they're been eating at breeder's home.

We hope that we can follow up puppies life in their new homes. You can contact us any time, you can ask questions and we'll try to help out in every situation. It would be very nice to be part of happy moments also.

If these things aren't problem for you, you are most welcome to visit us and meet our malamutes. Contact us with phone, e-mail or WhatsApp.

Rowtag Ruunaalla Fala Ruunaalla

Rowtag as leader (left.)

Fala in team (left.), with her mom Vilkku

Rowtag 2021 Fala 2019

Rowtag in autumn 2021

Fala 2019