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Tsaani Kivliktuk-litter

First photos of puppies in Tsaani's Facebook-page: here.

Tsaani Kivliktuk-litter is born 29.8.2018 and it's parents are Kuuksaare Folki "Folki" and Tsaani C'enyu Uiyula "Vilkku". Kivliktuk means Sparkling in Inupiat language. In advance in this litter we hoped to have excellent temperaments, energetic, working, happy and breed typey malamutes for both work and show. There can't become long-coated puppies and polyneuropathy sick or carriers in this litter.

This litter's pedigree will have some old kotzebue-type malamutes in both sides, which I have always wanted to have more in my lines. In pedigree you can find familiar Storm Kloud's but also Sendaish, Nordiclights, Mountain Home, Trap Line and many other kennel known about working malamutes.

​ Vilkku is our own offspring from Jyry x Yona-litter, born 27.7.2014. Vilkku is always happy, social and quite soft temperament, but she can be also hardcore if needed. She has grown to be well mannered girl, who can work as a leader in our team.

Vilkku is basic malamute as her structure, everything on it's place, as it should be. Vilkku has right bite, beautiful head and expression - good angulations, right proportions and she moves typically for the breed. Vilkku has little bit long loin, paws could be little bit better and maybe little bit more bones. Vilkku has been checked healthy in hips, elbows, back and eyes. Vilkku is also dna-tested of long coat gene and she has normal coat and is non-carrier. Vilkku don't carry PN-gene, she is clear by parentage.

Vilkku has official sled dog test result REK3 from year's 2016 Ruunaa Race, Finnish championship Mid-distance race. Vilkku has also done Alaskan malamute's own working result, Weight Pull-test in first try and got official result KVK1. Vilkku has also competed actively in FWPA's weight pull competitions with good results.

Folki is 3 years old, healthy and working estonian male, which is social and open both people and other dogs. Folki is energetic, happy and easy. He works on his owner, Ulvi's team in different places, also in lead with other male, Rafa. Folki is near ideal size, height approx. 64 cm, weight 38 kg. He as good proportions, good topline, suitable bones, right bite, good paws and beautiful head. Folki moves beautifully and typey. Folki has been tested of coat lenght and he is long coat gene carrier, but his coat is normal and coarse. His tail is little bit too tight. ​

There was 7 puppies born, 2 stillborns and one male puppy died suddenly at the age of 5 weeks. So there is 1 male and 3 females left.

Folki Vilkku

Kuuksaare Folki

sire: Kuuksaare Susi
dam: EST JCH EST CH Hellerkantri Himma
Owner: Ulvi Kullamäe

Hips: A/A
Elbows: 0/0
Eyes: Ok 10/2017
Long coat gene: N/F (normal coat/carrier)
PN-gene: N/N (normal, non-carrier)

Shows: 2 x JunCAC, BM3+CAC (Estonia Specialty Show 2017, judge Anna Albrigo)

Tsaani C'enyu Uiyula KVK1 REK3

sire: FI CH SE CG Neatut Kadluk KVK1 REK1 "Jyry"
dam: FI CH NordJW-09 Cahppes Miss Qrendi KVK1 REK1 "Yona"
Owner: Marja-Liisa Kiuru & Pekka Mertala

Hips: A/A
Elbows: 0/0
Eyes: Ok 5/2018, 12/2015
Long coat gene: N/N (normal coat/non-carrier)
PN-gene: N/N (normal, non-carrier)

Working results: KVK1, REK3 (MD)

Tyyne 6 vko

Tsaani Kivliktuk Sugalik "Tyyne"

(Gray Bear's Sparkling Treasure)

​ Tyyne lives in northern Finland (Lapland) with her owner Essi.

​ Polyneuropathy gene: Healthy, not carrier (via parents)
Eyes: not yet
Hips: C/C
Elbows: 0/0
Back: LTV0, VA0, SP0
Sumo 6 vko

Tsaani Kivliktuk Angerut "Sumo"

(Gray Bear's Sparkling Promise)

Sumo lives with Rami and Minna with two Malamute girls, Siku and Tessu.

​ Polyneuropathy gene: Healthy, not carrier (via parents)
Eyes: Ok (3/20)
Hips: B/A
Elbows: 0/0
Back: LTV1
Fala 6 vko

Tsaani Kivliktuk Quvianuq "Fala"

(Gray Bear's Sparkling Joy)

Fala stayed home to reinforce our own team.

Polyneuropathy gene: Healthy, not carrier (via parents)
Eyes: Ok (10/20)
Hips: A/A
Elbows: 0/0
Back: LTV3

More about Fala from her own site here.
Sadie 6 vko

Tsaani Kivliktuk Tunerk "Sadie"

(Gray Bear's Sparkling Gift)

​ Sadie lives at Sodankylä (Lapland) with her owners Liisa and Dave.

Polyneuropathy gene: Healthy, not carrier (via parents)
Eyes: Ok (8/21)
Hips: C/C
Elbows: 0/0
Back: LTV0, VA0