Tsaani Alaskan malamutes - Welcome

Cahppes Extreme Team Onida REK2

Eir moved to live with us from Sweden in autumn 2019. Energy and working abilities was in our mind and in this combination we had high hopes with that. Eir has born 1.9.2019 and her official name Onida means "Child of Importance" or "One who has searched for". Eir as calling name comes from Norse Mythology and it means goddes of health or mercy, some reference Eir as one of the Valkyries. What comes to her voice, we are pretty sure she IS one of the Valkyries... :)

Eir's parents are Vasetmutten's Quality Bris "Bris" and Noatak's Dreamteam Innik Du Ima "Innik". Both are healthy with their bones and eyes, and they don't carry PN-gene. Innik has many approved working tests from Sweden and Bris has finished for ex. Finnmarkslöpet 500 and Polardistance 300 km. Both are strong and eager workers in lead, or any place in the team.

Eir really is energetic, food oriented and happy puppy, who surprisingly has many features which reminds us about Yona. It will be very interesting to see what the future brings on with this little fire cracker! Despite of her young age, she has shown us that she is happy in leader position in our team, so we are very eager to see, what she will become when she grows up.

First working result, REK2 from Official Sled Dog Test she got from 2-dogs cart class at Kasari, autumn 2021 with Rowtag. In March 2022 she was in our 6-team in Kuusamo MD-triathlon race, almost whole distance as a leader with Rowtag. She has also participated in Ruunaa Race 2022 Fun class (1 x 33 km).

Eir is DNA-tested for malamutes inherited diceases and she was clear in Polyneuropathy, Cone Degeneration and Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia. She is also not long coat gene carrier.

Once again big, BIG thanks for Anci and Henrik for your trust with us!

Eir died suddenly at home 6.5.2023, under age of 4 years. She started to get endless epileptic seizures that Saturday, and died before we got to the veterinary. We send her to be examined and autopsy report did show, that the immediate death cause was stomach and spleen 180 degree torsion, which was most likely result of those seizures. For seizures there weren't any obvious reason like poisoning, brain tumor etc, and that was propably "real" epilepsy becaus of that.

Memory video of Eir in Youtube

Photo: Minna Huuhtanen